And We’re Back!

And we’re back! After a much needed holliday break, we have returned to seek out and find new Fupa’s! Please be sure to check out our¬†Facebook Fan Page at¬†Then, tell all your friends about us too! We’re sensing big hunts coming up. It’s going to be a great 2012. Our goal is to get another 100 friends in the next month. Can you help us succeed? Fupa’s!!!!!!!!!!

Massive Fupa

Hunters of many kinds dream of that one, giant, trophy catch. Once in a while,
an opportunity presents itself, and the hunter is there and ready. Years of
preparation come together in one sweet moment. This was one of those moments for
the LA hunter. He happened upon this specimen while hunting in Santa Monica.
Note the massive size and tiny face. FUPA of this magnitude are often confined
to their living space, unable to leave. Seeing one out in the wild is a rare
event. Props to the hunter for the dual angles.